Perplexing Questions

Exploring Life's Perplexing Questions: Teachers discover ways for science fair students to answer their own perplexing questions scientifically. Kevin Grobman, a developmental psychologist and teacher, blogs to illustrate applying psychological science to life. More resources help with web design, teaching, and statistics & research consulting.

Science Fair: Resources for science fair organizers, judges, students, teachers, and parents preparing for the science fair. I have helped school, regional, and state science fairs in addition to conducting several studies of what children learn and how they develop through participating in science fairs. Several high school student who I have helped with their science fair projects went on to compete at higher levels, like the ISEF international science fair

Developmental Psychology: Teach or learn about developmental psychology, cognitive and social development from infancy through childhood and into adulthood. I prepared resources like lesson plans, demonstractions, and classroom activities based on my developmental psychology classes.

Social Psychology: Teach or learn about social psychology with lesson plans, demonstrations, and classroom activities based on my social psychology classes. Section in preparation

Answering Perplexing Questions: A blog that approaches answers perplexing questions about everyday life - from politics to popular culture to the personal, using psychological science and statistics. Section in preparation

Physics & Mathematics: Teach or learn about physics & math with lesson plans, demonstrations, and classroom activities based on my physics & math classes. Section in preparation

Statistics & Psychological Science Consulting: I have consulted with science fairs, tutoring services, museums, and others by applying psychological science and statistics to solve real-world problems. Find out more about my consulting services. Section in preparation

Kevin Grobman: Despite my circuitous path through learning about fields from physics to psychology, one constant is my love for teaching, helping others learn & grown, and finding our how people solve problems to discover dramatic new ways of understanding ourselves and the world. Find out more about my teaching, research, and own development.